More than 140 years of history, tradition and brotherhood.






Welcome to the Reed Lodge #316 webpage.

For our members, I hope that you use this resource to keep up to date on upcoming events so you can stay involved in your Lodge.

If you are considering becoming a Freemason, this site contains information regarding the history of our Lodge, a calendar of events, as well as contact information that you can use to join our Fraternity.

The ceremonies of Freemasonry are by no means of a light or trifling nature.  Masonry consists of a course of moral instruction illustrated by types, emblems, and allogorical figures.  Reed Lodge takes their Masonic work very seriously and our members take pride in their work.  If you are interested in exploring the history, traditions, and the brotherhood of Freemasonry please contact myself or one of the other officers for more information.

Timothy A. Sloat, Worshipful Master